General Knowledge Quiz for IBPS PO Main / IBPS Clerk

1. PM Narendra Modi recently inaugurated three hydroelectric projects in ________ with a cumulative generation capacity of 1,752 megawatt.

1) Jammu and Kashmir
2) Uttarakhand
3) Arunachal Pradesh
4) Himachal Pradesh
5) Uttar Pradesh
2. Name the activist who has launched a political party named People’s Resurgence and Justice Alliance (PRJA) to contest upcoming assembly elections in native state.
1) Irom Sharmila
2) Prashant Bhushan
3) Kailash Satyarthi
4) Arundhati Roy
5) Medha Patkar
3. The govt has said it has made it mandatory for all automobile manufacturers to furnish emission and noise level details of their vehicle starting 1 Apr
1) 2017
2) 2018
3) 2019
4) 2020
5) 2021
4. Name the fast attack craft commissioned by the Indian Navy recently.
1) INS Arihant
2) INS Aridhaman
3) INS Chakra
4) INS Mormugao
5) INS Tihayu
5. Geeta Phogat has been appointed as DSP in Haryana Police. She is the first Indian woman to had qualified for ________ event at the Olympics at London 2012.
1) javelin throw
2) shot put
3) wrestling
4) boxing
5) long jump
6. India and Myanmar have signed three MoUs to boost bilateral relations between two neighbouring nations. The currency of Myanmar is
1) Ringgit
2) Kyat
3) Krona
4) Shekel
5) Rupiah
7. _________has become the first Indian city to be officially declared as one of the venues for hosting the U-17 World Cup 2017.
1) New Delhi
2) Kolkata
3) Kochi
4) Navi Mumbai
5) Chennai
8. __________ has launched ‘Kaushalya Setu’ scheme, a skill development programme for students.
1) Madhya Pradesh
2) Uttar Pradesh
3) Rajasthan
4) Maharashtra
5) Gujarat
9. Who among the following is the first recipient of the International Prize in Statistics?
1) Samiran Mallick
2) David Cox
3) M Neelakantan
4) Bradley Efron
5) None of these
10. India and Algeria is mulling a joint venture fertilizer facility situated in the latter country. The capital city of Algeria is
1) Baku
2) Yerevan
3) Luanda
4) Algiers
5) Tirana

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