Question Asked in SSC CGL Tier- I with Answer Key – All Shifts 10th September 2016

In continuation to organize the Staff Selection Commission (SSC) CGL Tier-1 (2016) Computer based Exams on prescriptively decided 10th September conducted successfully in Three Shifts/ Batches mold at the several centres in the country. Candidates appeared in the CGL Tier-1 Online Exam by following the Answers key link stated at the portal may access the SSC CGL Tier-1 (Morning/ Afternoon/ Evening) Answers key status.

Timing of Three Batches Pattern Batch wise- Answers key
First Batch: 11:00 AM- 11:15 AM Morning batch Answer key
Second Batch: 1:15 PM- 2:30 PM Afternoon Shift
Third Batch: 4:15 pm-5:30 pm Evening Shift- Answer key

SSC CGL General Awareness Questions asked in 10th September 2016 Exam.

  • 1. Biggest boundary share by India with country? – Bangladesh
  • 2. Rbi app for illegal money? – Sachet
  • 3. Raman Mgsys award 2016?- TM Krishna and Bezwada Wilson
  • 4. Tehri dam on which river ?- Bhagirathi and Bhilangna
  • 5. Persec is unit of?- Length
  • 6. Refraction definition?-
  • 7. Jog falls on river? – Sharavathi River
  • 8. Name of carboxlic acid- Ethanol/ Acetic acid / Oxalic acid
  • 9. Jainism related term.?
  • 10. First law officer..?– Attorney General of India
  • 11. Reaction type of Nuclear bomb-uncontrolled fusion
  • 12. AB blood does not contains- both Antigen and antibody
  • 13. who decide that bill is money bill or not?- Speaker
  • 14. which country is Note a bricks member?
  • 15. Do or die related to which movement- Quit India movement
  • 16. Which monument called dream of stones?
  • 17. Central government accounts, Government, Local bodies, run companies?
  • 18. CAG does not audit which of the below mentioned –State govt. accounts.
  • 19. Kakori conspiracy took place in the year?
  • 20. The Water boiling point depends on?
  • 21. Which state has more literacy – Punjab, Maharashtra, Mizoram,  Odisha?
  • 22. In which desert the highest number of gold deposits found?
  • 23. In which two countries the dispute over Siachen?

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SSC CGL Quants Questions asked in 10th September Exam:-

  1. If p=9 then p(2p+p^3+p)?
  2. if tan(@-15)=root 3, then, @=?
  3. If X+1/X =5 then x/x^2+x+1 3.1..8…29…343…441..729, see the wrong no. In the series.
  4. If A and B finishes work in 35 days, B and c completes work in 23 days and A and C completes work in 45 days then in how many days A,B and c together will complete the work?

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SSC CGL 10 September Afternoon Shift Asked Questions- 

  • 1. Which disease is called as White plague?  –Ans. Tuberculosis
  • 2. Dilwara famous temple belongs to which religion? Ans. Jain.
  • 3. Who died while playing polo? Ans. Qutb-ud-din Aibak.
  • 4. Talikota war in which empire? Ans. Vijayanagara Empire.
  • 5. Guru of Mahatma Gandhi?  Ans. Gopal Krishna Gokhale.
  • 6. Is the transistor used for?  Ans. Amplify or switch electronic signals.
  • 7. Which gas is used as a coolant in a refrigerator?  Ans. Ammonia.
  • 8. Gas produced in bleaching powder? Ans. Chlorine Gas.
  • 9. Which gas is responsible for the ozone depletion? Ans. Chlorofluorocarbons.
  • 10. Minimum natural disaster is caused by?
  • 11. Jawhar Lal Nehru award is given for? Ans. International Understanding.
  • 12. Rio Summit is done for? 
  • 13. Largest island of the world? Ans. Greenland.
  • 14. Right to education through which amendment? Ans. 86th.
  • 15. Commercial pilot India 
  • 16. Who came 1st in india- portuguese,Dutch,french,English 
  • 17. Lok Sabha can be dissolved by? 
  • 18. Form north to south arrange-bhubaneswar,Kochi,Chennai,Hyderabad 
  • 19. Newton’s third law of motion?
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SSC CGL Asked Questions of 10th September 2016, First/ Second/ Third Shifts.

  1. The slogan Do or die is related to :- Quit India movement
  2. Carbolic acid is also called as? :- Phenol
  3. Name the person who awarded Ramon Magsaysay award in 2016? :– TM Krishna and Bezwada Wilson
  4. The competetion where price of money cannot be handled better?
  5. What is the unit of Parsec? :- length to measure large distances of objects
  6. The phenomenon of change of light travelling from one medium to another medium is called :- Refraction
  7. Jog falls is present on which river? – Sharavathi River
  8. Which of the following is not part of BRICS? :- Indonesia
  9. Name the biggest boundary that India shares with is :- Bangladesh
  10. Vitamins whose excess is not good for health? :- Vitamin B complex
  11. Thymus gland secretes? :- Thymosin
  12. What is the name of RBI app for illegal money? :- sachet
  13. The state which has largest coastal line in india? :- Gujarat
  14. Jain texts are called as? :- Sutras
  15. The first law officer in india is referred as whom? :- The attorney general
  16. Who decides that whether bill is money bill or not? :- Speaker of loksabha
  17. Evergreen forests are mainly present in? :- Western ghats
  18. Atomic bomb is due to? :- Uncontrolled chain reaction
  19. Which of the following is not present in urine? :- Creatinine
  20. Across which rivers the Tehri dam is built ? :- Bhagirathi and Bhilangna
  21. The AB blood group does not consists of? :- Both antigens and antibodies

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Latest: As suggested the candidates have to follow the specified links to download the Answers keys/ Questions’ solutions Morning-Afternoon-Evening shift wise. CGL Tier-1 (2016) Answers keys are scheduled to be anticipated through the commissions link.

SSC CGL 10-09-2016 Tier-1 Exam Question Paper Analysis

As the Online test for CGLE 2016 Tier-1 of 10th September will occur we shall update the Online Test module/ complexity & the resemblances to the Previous CGL Exam. Questions along with the solutions shall be intimated through our website portal. Concerned candidates by following the anticipated links shall be able to match-relate their Answers. 

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