English Quiz for Banking | IBPS | SBI | RBI – 03

Directions : In each sentence below, there are two blank spaces. Below each sentence some pairs of words are given which are numbered (a), (b), (c), (d) and (e). Pick out the most appropriate pair to fill in the blanks in the same order, to make the sentence meaningfully complete.

16. I am not …….. to sell you my house unless you offer a more …….. price.
(a)   conform, true
(b)  prepared, realistic
(c)   ready, correct
(d)  having, actual 
17. With the realisation, we have found ourselves left with …….. moral values and little ethical …….. .
(a)   fundamental, scruples
(b)  stereotyped, perspective 
(c)   extreme, judgement
(d)  incidental, standards
(e)   obsolete, direction
18. If we do not take …….. care in our industry, we will have to …….. a grave problem. 
(a)   normal, experience
(b)  proper, face
(c)   adequate, catch
(d)  intensive, aggravate
(e)   preventive, solve
19. Education is …….. to the economic and social fabric of the nation, but …….. that few political parties have made it an election issue.
(a)   eminent, barring
(b)  concomitent, instead of 
(c)   basic, despite
(d)  rudimentary, besides
20. Despite their strong resentment the tribals …….. the new laws as long as the Government officials did not …….. them too strenuously.
(a)   welcomed, observe
(b)  tolerated, enforce
(c)   amended, follow
(d)  laid, punish
21. Since we …….. read every book, we …….. only the famous ones.
(a)   have, sold
(b)  should, buy
(c)   must, ignore
(d)  can, purchase
(e)   cannot, select
22. Suddenly out of the …….. of weariness an old lady …….. unexpectedly.
(a)   mosaic, raised
(b)  context, appeared
(c)   texture, rose
(d)  fabric, awakened 
23. We have to …….. in our young men and women sense of discipline, which is a …….. for progress and happiness.
(a)   generate, concomitent
(b)  instil, need
(c)   produce, necessity
(d)  inculcate, pre-requisite
(e)   induce, requirement 
24. …….. of crops was due to continuous …….. 
(a)   Destruction, draught
(b)  Ruin, draft
(c)   Failure, drought
(d)  Depreciation, drift
25. Disarmament and development in our time are …….. interrelated but …….. development will depend on a change in the world’s political thinking.
(a)   inevitably, substantial
(b)  closely, real
(c)   essentially, true 
(d)  universally, ultimate
(e)   naturally, final
26. How many of the books published each year in India make a …….. contribution towards improving men’s …….. with each other?
(a)   sensational, reservations
(b)  referential, behaviour 
(c)   significant, relationship
(d)  incorporated, obligation 
27. Due to …….. rainfall this year, they had to …….. cut in water supply.
(a)   scanty, lift
(b)  heavy, regulate
(c)   regular, clamp
(d)  sufficient, enforce
(e)   inadequate, impose
28. The …….. man treated everyone in a …….. manner.
(a)   defiant, belligerent
(b)  corrupt, ubiquitous
(c)   superficial, thorough
(d)  suspicious, ingenuous 
(e)   supercilious, depreciatory
29. Mr. Johnson …….. a boat’ and …….. into the bay.
(a)   hired, rowed
(b)  rented, swam
(c)   boarded, went
(d)  borrowed, intruded 
30. Those suffering from glaucoma find that their …….. vision is …….. and that they can no longer see objects not directly in front of them. 
(a)   optical, distorted
(b)  peripheral, impaired
(c)   prephrastic, demurred

(d)  peripatetic, diminished 



16. (b)
17. (c)
18. (b)
19. (d)
20. (b) 
21. (e)
22. (c)
23. (d)
24, (e)
25. (b)
26. (c)
27. (e)
23. (e)
29. (a)
30. (b) 

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