Science MCQ With Answer

1.What is neuron?

A) The anti-particle of neutron

B) Basic unit of nervous system

C) Basic unit of energy

D) Particle released during radioactivity

Answer: D
2.Group displacement law was given by?

A) Bacquerel

B) Rutherford

C) Mendeleaf

D) Soddy and fajan

Answer: D

3.Nuclear fission is caused by the impact of?

A) Neutrons

B) Protons

C) Deuteron

D) Electron

Answer: B

4.The first indication that a stable nucleus can be broken down was afforded by?

A) Rutherford

B) Madam curie

C) Soddy

D) Schmidt

Answer: A

5. When the nucleus of uranium is bombarded with neutrons, it breaks up into two nuclei of nearly equal mass. This process is called?

A) Nuclear fission

B) Nuclear fusion

C) Physcial change

D) Artificial radioactivity

Answer: A

6. Hydrogen bomb is based on the principle of?

A) Nuclear fission

B) Nuclear fusion

C) Natural radioactivity

D) Artificial radioactivity

Answer: B

7. Fromic acid is obtained from?

A) Red ants

B) Fats

C) Vinegar

D) Orange

Answer: C

8.Uric acid is present in?

A) Soda water

B) Rancid butter

C) Sour milk

D) Urine of mammals

Answer: D

9.A base is a substance which?

A) Donates electrons

B) Accepts proton

C) Gives OH- ions in water

D) All

Answer: D

10.Blue litmus paper is converted into red in solution of?

A) Acid

B) Base

C) Alkali

D) Salt

Answer: A


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